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This is to say "hello and welcome" to those who read our web page.

Happy third birthday to the fab 4, click here to see photo's of them and how they are doing.

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a shock and struggle to us due to the Corona Virus, (as it has for thousands of others but we can only give you news of GGSDR).

Somehow or other we managed to take in and re home 50 dogs in 2020. All gratitude to the generosity and understanding of the Custodians and our members and supporters without whom there is no way we could continue to successfully accept needy dogs, give them the required veterinary care and place them with loving and committed adopters. FANTASTIC !

We had no idea or experience of the difficulties we would encounter with LOCKDOWN. Some volunteers found (understandably) they were too vulnerable to carry out the obligatory home-checks which put extra strain on Anne and others who have courageously driven hither and thither to 'fill in'. HUGE thanks to them !

Heathrow kennels have, as ever, opened up their doors for the rescues, never refusing to find a space, however inconvenient and this has entailed the silly o'clock times of arrival of dogs from outside the U.K. They have and are outstanding in their dedication to help us make the future safe and happy for the rescues.

PETS at HOME continue to support us from their Maidenhead and Hayes branches, the sympathy and enthusiasm of their staff is truly mind boggling, we are so, so grateful and fortunate. LUCKY, LUCKY RESCUES !!!!!

We have taken in several GSD x Belgian Malinois in the past year. Obviously being bred by very ignorant and uncaring people who are selling these animals to all and sundry by any means possible. We have learned a great deal about these dogs and though a high percentage are 'high drive' they are loving and super clever. Certainly not a dog for someone without time to spare who wants a couch potato ! We are learning so much about them and thankfully, Dorie and Tracy at Heathrow Kennels are very familiar with these Belgians and the Dutch Herders as well as the G.S.D.

Carol, K9 Rescue Remedy, has been an absolute star all year. Fostering, nursing and teaching the dogs that are extra needy and therefore 'hard to home'. She is an amazing lady and even though occupied as she is she has designed the stunning calendar for 2021. It really is a brilliant piece of work. Thank you so much Carol.

As with most charities G.G.S.D.R could not function without the support of members, whom, donate financially, or with items to sell/raffle or car boot or those who give their time supporting different events over the year. We are blessed with brilliant supporters and members who work tirelessly because in the end 'it's all for the dogs' and long may it continue.

For anyone who wishes to become a member of G.G.S.D.R. and receive copies of the newsletter, please email 'membership@garbosgsdrescue.co.uk' to join.

Here's to a better year, maybe we can soon return to Dog Shows, Car Boots and other social gatherings where we can set up the stall and meet up with lots of other 'doggy folk'. ...... cross fingers anyway and may the dreaded virus soon be sent packing ! Meanwhile, stay safe and stay with us.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, lovely people, do not buy your dogs from advertisers on Gumtree or other similar sites. If you would like to purchase a puppy (whatever breed) contact a registered breeder through the Kennel Club or an established breeder or REGISTERED RESCUE organisation. Rescue representatives will almost always be glad to guide and help you. We are being made aware of some tragic cases entailing dogs, particularly pups, sold willy nilly to unsuspecting buyers. So often these animals are ill and suffering beyond help and veterinary treatment. If we could eradicate the market we could get rid of these cruel humans who exploit the animals they steal and breed.



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