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It is very very sad to hear of the passing of Paul O'Grady, a wonderful person who did immense good for the dog world. The following is the letter he wrote to us some years ago and we repeat it here in respect of this much loved and respected person.

I've never actually had the pleasure of meeting this incredible woman called Garbo but from what I've heard she sounds right up my street.
I've nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for those who care and protect animals and Garbo is one of those special people who do just that.
I know that she has an extremely soft spot for that most dignified and intelligent breed, the German Shepherd and I'm also aware of how many she has rescued and rehomed over the years, keeping the odd one or two for herself as you do. In fact it sounds as if she has taken in quite a variety of breeds so I don't feel so bad having five rescue dogs, all of questionable parentage charging around the house.
I'm sure Garbo will agree with me when I say that life without a dog would be a miserable existence indeed and that's why we do our very best to ensure that they are respected, cared for and end up in a kind and responsible home.
We need more Garbo's in this world and I salute this indomitable lady for her compassion, understanding and love of dogs.
She's one of the good guys and long may she continue with the vital work that she does with German Shepherd Rescue.
Love from a fan,

Paul O'Grady

Nice to have been at Crufts once again. It was lovely to be able to meet so many lovely doggy minded people

We continue to place our shepherds in responsible homes with loving and respectful families who guide these needy animals with sympathy and patience, turning them into the dogs they always should have been. What wonderful people they are!

The Charity Partnership with Pets at Home, Maidenhead, supported by The Pets at Home Foundation continues to be a vital lifeline for raising funds, particularly during these difficult times.

Finally, keep fingers crossed for a better year, a return to Car Boots, Dog Shows and various other get togethers where we can take the shop and meet likeminded doggy folk.

Take care of your dogs, protect them from the dog thieves who are still out there. We know running off with a full grown GSD is unlikely but it has happened and the puppies are desperately vulnerable, all too many people have discovered to their cost and heartache. Always take a hand alarm when walking your pets.they make noise enough frighten the devil !

Please do not buy your puppy or any dog / animal through advertisers on GUMTREE or similar sites, it may well turn out to be a stolen pet and somewhere there could be a grieving distraught owner.

We must do all we can to stop the heartless, merciless characters who exploit and steal .