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Dogs Needing Homes

Please Note that we currently only rehome to the HOME COUNTIES.
If you live outside this area please respect that we cannot cover everywhere.


Zuri is looking for her forever home - Could it be with you???
Zuri is a playful, mischievous 2 year old, entire, German Shepherd bitch.

She is fully vaccinated and microchipped and came into rescue through no fault of her own.

She is a lively, cheeky lass with an abundance of energy. Zuri needs an experienced leader as she can sometimes react disproportionately to certain situations.
Zuri walks nicely on the lead and knows basic commands but you have to be aware that she may react inappropriately in certain situations, if not led confidently.

Zuri is dog friendly but boisterous and will sometimes bully other dogs until they play!
She can also be quite dominant and this will have to be managed.

Zuri will need further training and this will need to be addressed by her new owner.
We are looking for a GSD experienced, adult only home for Zuri, with someone that wants a challenge and somewhere that Zuri can thrive and be the loving, cheeky, fun companion she so wishes to be.

Zuri could live with a large breed male. She cannot live with cats or small furries.

If you are interested in giving this lively lass a home, please see details below on how to do this.


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please ring or email Garbo on 020 8546 4943 / garbo@garbosgsdrescue.co.uk and we will arrange a home check and visit.
Other contacts see our details on our contact page.

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