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Dogs Needing Homes

Please Note that we currently only rehome to the HOME COUNTIES.
and a few areas outside that at our discretion.
If you live outside this area please respect that we cannot cover everywhere.


Meet Storm, 2 year old black and tan bitch
Although slightly nervous she is not aggressive, would just prefer to hide away.
She responds better if you are firm with her,
she will assume that as you know what you are doing she does not need to overthink everthing

If she see's someone she does not know whilst on the lead she will initially bark
but make her sit and get the stranger to chuck a treat and instant friends
Once a friend always a friend and she adores the people she knows and is the most friendly girl.

Recall is good and she loves her walks and travels well.

She is such a lovely GSD and deserves a loving home where she will blossom.

If you feel you can offer her the right home, please complete the short application form.


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please ring or email Garbo on 020 8546 4943 / garbo@garbosgsdrescue.co.uk and we will arrange a home check and visit.
Other contacts see our details on our contact page.

Alternatively, please complete the enquiry form

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