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Dogs Needing Homes

Please Note that we currently only rehome to the HOME COUNTIES.
and a few areas outside that at our discretion.
If you live outside this area please respect that we cannot cover everywhere.


Koda is a 2 year old black and Tan long haired GSD and basically a giant puppy! All he wants to do is play and have someone to play with.

He has not lived with children but has always been most gentle with a 3 year old girl who visited his previous owner.
Although never lived with cats but doesn't acknowledge them when on a walk.

Travels well in the car and loves the window being open and has travelled some distance.
He is fully house trained and alerts you when he needs to be let out (jingles the keys hanging in the door)

Knows sit, down, wait, leave, paw, paw, spin, turn and roll
He is a quick learner and picks things up very fast loving to do things new.
He has come from a single dog household so he hasn't had much contact with other dogs.
He has had a few meetings with friends dogs on walks and fields and plays with them and runs but that's about it.
He does however bond quickly with other dogs in the house and is happy to play.

On a walk he does pull a litte bit (more training required to stop that) and has a tendancy to bark at other dogs and can sometimes attempt to lunge, it isn't aggression it is simply oh look a new friend to play with.
Basically over the top as he's not sure in how to say hello to others well, he has recall but room for improvement when other dogs are about

Typical GSD he barks when someone knocks on the door but when they are in its a simply a hey look at me can I have your attention new friend and no doubt will attempt to hand you a ball

He loves his ball! Obsessed with it in fact, he's never happier than having his ball thrown for him constantly.
He isn't so much treat oriented so sometimes it can be a struggle on walks to get him to focus but hold a tennis ball in your hand and you've got him hooked!

He really is a gentle giant ball of energy who is happy playing and getting attention, belly scratches and sitting on your lap even when he doesn't fit!

If you feel you can offer him the right home, please complete the short application form.


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please ring or email Garbo on 020 8546 4943 / garbo@garbosgsdrescue.co.uk and we will arrange a home check and visit.
Other contacts see our details on our contact page.

Alternatively, please complete the enquiry form

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