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Dogs Needing Homes

Please Note that we currently only rehome to the HOME COUNTIES.
If you live outside this area please respect that we cannot cover everywhere.


A 1 year old cross breed bitch. Hebe was originally born and adopted in Hong Kong (now in UK).
If interested please contact Dogs in Need https://dogsinneed.co.uk/hebe/

Her story as told by her current owners ...

She was found with her sister at approx. 2 months old in a cage outside a restaurant, it was believed that they were being raised for dog meat.

She was rescued by a charity, then adopted by a couple along with her sister. At around 3 months, they began to show litter syndrome so needed to be separated, and so we adopted her.

She showed no issues as a puppy, but as an adolescent suddenly one day decided to become territorial over the home and certain items like her travel dog bowl.
We believed this was due to her realizing I was pregnant and perhaps becoming over protective.

We relocated to the UK when she was a year old, and very shortly afterwards we had our baby.
Both were quite traumatic experiences for her – a lot of change in a very short amount of time as we were living with parents and in laws, and then eventually moved into our own home…
lots of moving around and new dynamics with a baby, as well as new country.

Her behaviour is not her fault and whilst we have done everything we can to keep her stable and happy, we are not able to fix her aggression towards children.

Introducing her to the baby was a very slow process and very controlled.
Lots of positive reinforcement and a lot of time dedicated specifically to her and making sure she felt welcome and loved despite the new addition.
However it has become clear that she is very unhappy around children.

Hebe is really friendly with other dogs, adores playing chase and one on one play with another dog.
She gets slightly intimidated by large packs/very large dogs but will just give a light snap as a warning and head elsewhere.
If she cannot escape easily, she would get worried – this is why a kennel setting or doggy daycare are not for her.

Hebe is not a noisy dog and doesn’t really like it when other dogs bark around or at her.

Hebe’s quirks:

1. Very high prey drive – birds, squirrels, deer, fox etc. She will disappear on a chase for quite some time… has always managed to find her way back but it is alarming when she takes off. Would recommend a collar tracker. Cats are a no for her because of this.
2. Dislike of strangers in the home – she is unsettled. Can and has settled down when she sees that we are welcoming to people but she remains on edge. A bit wary of strangers in general, it takes time for her trust to be earned.
3. Children – her biggest “issue”. Toddlers until around age 12. If out in public, she will walk past children without an issue as long as she does not feel cornered. We do not have to worry about her for instance if there are children on the football field as we walk some distance away. If a child was to approach her, she will be aggressive. It appears to be a massive lack of trust with kids. This aggression is even worse in the home where she is most territorial. She CANNOT be free roaming in the home if there are children present.
4. Not such a “foodie”- will often leave her meals in her bowl and come back to them later. This is also a great thing as she will not beg for food nor steal food within her reach.

Hebe’s wonderful traits:

1. Once trust is established, she is incredibly trusting and very affectionate – see review from our house sitters who adored her.
2. She is a petite (around the same size as a spaniel) and very clean dog – she occupies little space and does not make any mess in the home. She is very patient with paw wiping after walks and bath days etc. She molts but only once a year as season changes.
3. She is a very quiet dog. She only ever barks when there is a knock at the door or a stranger immediately outside the home, however is quick to calm down. She does not bark outside the house.
4. She is obedient and highly intelligent. Her recall is great (unless on a scent chase). I believe she would flourish under someone who has time to constanty train her both mentally and physically.
5. She is active and loves her walks, but when in the home is very settled and mostly lies in her bed or calming roams the house.
6. She has no separation anxiety issues – she is very content to be locked away at night, or when it is not suitable for her to be free roaming.

If interested please contact Dogs in Need directly on https://dogsinneed.co.uk/hebe/


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