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Thank you to the marvellous people who made the event "BUBBLE DOGS" on 12th May , such an amazing day, in spite of the heavy rain.
We thank all of the following
  OSCARS DOG FOOD for supplying the prizes for the Dog Show
  Duncans Doggy Day Care for their generous sponsorship
  Woofs-a-Daisy for doggy treats
  Phillip Bailey for doing the Bar-B-Q
  Janet Rogers for beautiful raffle baskets
  Pat Tydeman for luxury Tombola prizes
  the two judges
  Pam and Chris who happily carried on judging in the rain
  to all the stoic folk that braved the wet weather (with or without their dogs) to support us. You are all so special.

I've never actually had the pleasure of meeting this incredible woman called Garbo but from what I've heard she sounds right up my street.
I've nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for those who care and protect animals and Garbo is one of those special people who do just that.
I know that she has an extremely soft spot for that most dignified and intelligent breed, the German Shepherd and I'm also aware of how many she has rescued and rehomed over the years, keeping the odd one or two for herself as you do. In fact it sounds as if she has taken in quite a variety of breeds so I don't feel so bad having five rescue dogs, all of questionable parentage charging around the house.
I'm sure Garbo will agree with me when I say that life without a dog would be a miserable existence indeed and that's why we do our very best to ensure that they are respected, cared for and end up in a kind and responsible home.
We need more Garbo's in this world and I salute this indomitable lady for her compassion, understanding and love of dogs.
She's one of the good guys and long may she continue with the vital work that she does with German Shepherd Rescue.
Love from a fan,

Paul O'Grady

And now......thank you, thank you, thank you to Debbie Arnold who opened her gorgeous gardens to everyone, without her joyous enthusiasm and love of dogs Bubble Dogs could never have happened. Thank you too to Angie and John who also beavered away with Debbie getting the whole event off the ground. All three of these caring and indomitable people, through their hard work and their contacts, have made a massive contribution to GGSDR funds.
We are full of gratitude and fired up with enthusiasm for the next "DO".

As the rescue incurred substantial expenses last year we now need to look at the potential spending for this year 2018 and more effective fund raising methods in order to help the dogs in our care. One of those ways is the raffle at the Xmas party and the potential to utilise donations from the Xmas raffle to support G.G.S.D.R at future events during the year. We are ever eternally grateful for the support and donations from loyal members at the Xmas party or any other event, however to use all of these items in the Xmas raffle would have actually lead to a potential loss of revenue which could affect our ability to support not only the current rescue dogs in kennels and foster but any future dogs coming into rescue.

As with most charities G.G.S.D.R could not function without the support of members who, donate financially, or with items to sell/raffle or car boot or those who give their time supporting different events over the year. We are blessed with brilliant supporters and members who work tirelessly because in the end 'it's all for the dogs' and long may it continue.


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