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As the rescue incurred substantial expenses last year we now need to look at the potential spending for this year 2018 and more effective fund raising methods in order to help the dogs in our care. One of those ways is the raffle at the Xmas party and the potential to utilise donations from the Xmas raffle to support G.G.S.D.R at future events during the year. We are ever eternally grateful for the support and donations from loyal members at the Xmas party or any other event, however to use all of these items in the Xmas raffle would have actually lead to a potential loss of revenue which could affect our ability to support not only the current rescue dogs in kennels and foster but any future dogs coming into rescue.

As with most charities G.G.S.D.R could not function without the support of members who, donate financially, or with items to sell/raffle or car boot or those who give their time supporting different events over the year. We are blessed with brilliant supporters and members who work tirelessly because in the end 'it's all for the dogs' and long may it continue.

On 15th November Janet Rogers arranged an afternoon sale in a private house in Epsom. Janet and her friends made the event an amazing and happy success. They made beautiful hampers to raffle, liver cake, dog beds and a host of wonderful Christmassy items. Fantastic!

GGSDR held our A.G.M. on 29th October and thank you to everyone who gave up their Sunday afternoon to attend. It was good to see you.

On 21st October Gill and I took Ellie and Troy to Discover Dogs where the Kennel Club had generously provided us with free parking and refreshments. It turned out to be very, very busy indeed, we were both exhausted by closing time but hopefully, we spread the word about 'rescue'. The two dogs behaved so well, greeting the many visitors to our area with wags and pleasure. They were shattered too but so accepting, we were enormously proud of them. What a great breed!

The summer seems long gone now but on 10th September we took the stall to The Wimbledon Common Stables Open Day. Thankfully (and they have my undying gratitude), the Rangers good naturedly, erected our gazebo and carried the stock out of my car which was an enormous relief. We had a very jolly day, lots of friends came to support our cause and both Ellie and Troy did their bit.


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