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Dogs Needing Homes


Yoda is a stunning 1 year old male entire Dutch Herder / Malinois Cross, with a dark brindle coloured standard coat.
The photos really don’t do him justice. (Some better ones soon)

He is a very loving, young lad, who is looking for an adult only home with experienced owner(s) to continue with his training.
Yoda is dog friendly and could live with an older, large breed bitch.

Yoda is very friendly with people and loves attention.
Despite being a big boy, he is slightly nervous but in a non-aggressive way and sometimes just needs gentle coaxing when he comes across something new.
The outside world all seems relatively strange to him but he is keen to explore, if he is by your side. He loves affection and would happily play all day.

Yoda walks brilliantly on the lead and will be glued to your left-hand side.
He sits on command when crossing roads and wait patiently until he is told to cross.
He is a very intelligent lad, who is quick to learn and eager to please.
Therefore, he responds well to training and is a real joy to be around.
Once his confidence has grown, he will need an active lifestyle, with plenty of walks, agility or scent work to keep him amused.

Yoda is a young lad, full of love, who desperately needs a family to call his own.
In patient hands, he will thrive and be the loyal, obedient and loving companion he so wishes to be.
Please share as such a friendly, loving, intelligent lad deserves to be in a home where he will be loved forever.

If you are interested in giving this affectionate, clever lad a home, please contact Garbo (details below)


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please ring or email Garbo on 020 8546 4943 / garbo@garbosgsdrescue.co.uk and we will arrange a home check and visit.
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