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Dogs Needing Homes


Nala is a gorgeous 4 year old female, spayed, black & short-coated GSD.
Nala is looking for an adult only home with VERY experienced owner(s) that are used to dealing with dogs with resource guarding issues and also to continue with her training.

Outside of her kennel, Nala is a dream dog, very friendly with both people and dogs alike.
She is happiest being around other dogs and is very playful.
She is not at all possessive when outside, over balls, toys or anything.
She will sit side by side with another dog and wait her turn to be rewarded with a treat.

Nala really enjoys her walks, she walks nicely on the lead and loves to sniff every inch of the ground.
She will also sit and lie down on command. She is extremely intelligent and is an absolute joy to work with outside.

In her kennel, however, Nala is extremely protective over all of her possessions, bed, toys, bowl etc and could potentially bite, out of fear of losing her things.
Hence the need for an owner, with the time, patience and experience to help her overcome this issue.

Nala, when she has nothing to guard is a very friendly, happy lass, who desperately needs a family to call her own.
She will be a challenge but in the RIGHT hands and with TIME, will reward you a million times over and be the loyal, obedient and loving companion she so wishes to be.
Please share as such a beautiful, intelligent, loving lass deserves to be in a home where she will be loved forever.

If you are interested in giving this loving, slightly complex girl a home, please contact Garbo (details below)


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please ring or email Garbo on 020 8546 4943 / garbo@garbosgsdrescue.co.uk and we will arrange a home check and visit.
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